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Streamlining Operations

Supercharge your business with Cloud Automation! Our expert services streamline operations, fortify defenses, and boost performance. Transform your IT game and soar in the digital realm with our dynamic solutions!

Your IT Solutions Ally

We're your go-to partner for cutting-edge technology, seamless automation, and rock-solid security. Let's navigate the tech landscape , ensuring your business stays ahead in the digital game.

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Empowering Your Business with Our Comprehensive IT Services

Cloud Automation & DevOps Solutions

➤ DevOps Collaboration
➤ Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
➤ Process Automation


➤ Vuln Management
➤ Web App Assessments
➤ Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Policy & Compliance

➤ Policy Development
➤ Compliance Preparations
➤ Implementation Support
➤ Change Management

Business Operations

➤ Process Optimization
➤ Project Management
➤ Strategic Planning
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About Us

More than Tech: People, Passion, Progress – Welcome to Our Journey

Our Company

Unicorn Security was created after decades of work in technology companies serving hundreds of verticals. The co-founders have directly designed, implemented, secured, and maintained systems processing more than a million transactions per day. Throughout that work, it was apparent that the experience provided could be put to use in other situations, for other people. Ideas came to make work easier, more secure, or faster. We call those ideas "Unicorns".After several years of "herding unicorns", we decided to form Unicorn Security to work on those ideas. Using those tools, and the prior experience, we'll continue to follow our passion to create innovative platforms either directly, or by consulting with clients.

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Brad Senff

Brad started in technology during the early dotcom boom. Creating the second internet provider in the state of Arizona. From there, he worked within the Internet Service space providing connectivity, data center services, and hosting for more than a decade. Throughout his career, Brad has spent an incredible amount of time learning various technologies. In the past decade, Brad has achieved three separate certifications including GIAC's GSEC and GWAPT, as well as EC Council's CCISO.

Eric Arellano

Eric has been primarily self-taught; driven first by a hunger for evolving technologies, and second by coffee. He has spent the last 10 years automating himself out of one position and into the next. Eric's main focus is to remove the illusion, that security has to be a difficult endeavor.

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